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Perla by Eenvoud was founded in 2017 by Perla Lette.

As the daughter of an Amsterdam based goldsmith couple, the owners of Eenvoud, the love for gems and jewelry is in Perla’s genes. Since she was little she has been growing up between pearls, ruby’s and gold and her passion still grows every day. You can find Perla still working together with her parents in their family business. 

With Perla by Eenvoud, Perla pursues her passion for jewelry and entrepreneurship as she has created her own line of work which is sold to customers all over Europe.

All Perla By Eenvoud collections are made and designed out of love for all time classics, and curiosity for the new and surprising. Truly designed to bring a smile to the beholder.

Want to know more about Perla? Feel free to contact or fill in the form on our contact page.
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